retailers concerning clicks to bricks

Converting clicks to bricks: Five new retail growth strategies

The impact of digital on bricks and mortar retail is developing fast with some occasional surprising twists and turns. While e-commerce only makes up 11% of total US ...
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loyalty programs research

Premium loyalty programs research: Will customers pay?

Loyalty programs can generate substantial revenue when well-designed, created with substantial value and crafted to meet the needs of key customers. That old 80/20 marketing formula from your ...
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Gartner: How marketplaces create growth for business

Why would a business allow competitors and other companies to sell products on their own website? In a word, opportunity, according to Gartner analysts. Online marketplaces aren’t just ...
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mobile coupons attract shoppers

Mobile coupons build loyal customers

If you thought coupons were going the way of pay phones and fax machines, new research from BRP Consulting’s report The Mobilization of Retail may get you to ...
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Chase e-gift cards

Chase launches US e-gift cards

Chase checking account customers in the US can now send digital gift cards to other US residents instantly using the Chase mobile app or Chase.com. All that’s required ...
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Millennial Shopping Report 2019

Researchers: Millennials are masters of the online shopping universe

If millennials are a key target market, you’ll want to read the latest research from CouponFollow. Researchers outline how far and how fast millennials have moved into shopping ...
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latest gift card research

2018 gift card preferences, growth and features

First Data has some fascinating research on 2018 gift card preferences, growth and trends in the UK. If you’re a retailer or online seller using gift cards as ...
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Walmart-Ford testing driverless grocery deliveries

Walmart & Ford test driverless deliveries in Miami

Shopping at Walmart got even easier if you live in Miami, thanks to a collaboration between Walmart, Ford and delivery service Postmates. The new test drive lets customers ...
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7-Eleven mobile payments app

7-Eleven introduces hybrid mobile cashierless checkout

In 14 stores in its Dallas headquarters market, 7-Eleven is testing a mobile cashierless checkout app called Scan and Pay. Customers can pick up a Slurpee, snacks and ...
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global payments news roundup

Nov 2 Global payments news roundup

The pace of payments news picked up dramatically as we get closer to Black Friday and holiday sales. Here’s the global payments news that caught our attention starting ...
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