Disruptive Technologies

Is voice shopping poised for takeoff?

State of voice shopping 2019

By Matt Lang, Strategy Director and Will Hall, Chief Creative Officer of Rain When we visited the topic of voice-enabled shopping last year, we concluded that brands and ...
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first online shopping transaction was 1994

Visa’s 25-year anniversary of first e-commerce payment

Hard to believe I know but 25 years ago, on August 11, 1994, Visa processed the first-ever online payment. And what was that first purchase? Some claim the ...
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Boxnot delivers autonomously

Snapshot: Leaders in last-mile delivery

Last-mile delivery is one of the biggest logistics challenges in business and e-commerce, no matter if you’re Amazon or an agile startup. In fact, whether it’s groceries, the ...
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TrueAccord uses AI for debt collection

AI disrupting the US debt collection industry

With roughly 30 million Americans with at least one debt in collections according to the Federal Reserve, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is looking at new rules ...
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Walmart-Amazon drone delivery

Walmart drone delivery is up in the air

When it comes to delivering products by drone, Walmart and Amazon are going head-to-head in what many believe is the future of fast deliveries for online shoppers. According ...
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Facebook launches Libra cryptocurrency

What’s Facebook Libra cryptocurrency mean for payments?

Facebook unveiled its plan for a new global digital currency called Libra and a financial system to change how money moves globally. It has the potential to transform ...
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FTD bankruptcy

FTD bankruptcy: Send flowers?

It’s never a happy day when a 109-year-old retailer files for bankruptcy. That’s certainly the case with FTD as it files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and begins ...
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Amazon fulfillment uses robotics

Amazon automation plan will improve efficiency, cut jobs

Amazon robotics help product picker Imagine working ten hours a day picking and packing products in an Amazon warehouse and fulfillment center. It’s labor-intensive, it’s hard physical work, ...
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AI in retail

Chatbots R Us in the retail future

Artificial intelligence (AI), including chatbots, is definitely on the horizon for retail in the future, according to a new Juniper Research report. The company predicts the global number ...
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Online grocery shopping shakeup from Whole Foods

Amazon fired another shot over the bow of the grocery business with the addition of 13 new cities now able to get home delivery service from its Whole ...
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