Credit Card & Online Fraud

$35 million missing in US payroll fraud

Cloud payroll company up in smoke, $35 million missing

The $81 billion payroll processing business in the US is normally bedrock solid, made up of longtime players and innovative new payroll-as-a-service (PaaS), cloud-based fintech startups. Like the ...
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ransomware research

US ransomware attacks rising fast; how to protect your organization

New reports show a fast rise in ransomware attacks across the US. Last Friday, 23 Texas towns were hit in a coordinated attack by what is believed to ...
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AI moves into debt collections

AI approaches for a new debt-collection era

For decades, debt collection has relied on the same methods: repeated phone calls and letters to consumers. Not only does this take a lot of time and energy, ...
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Kount AI fraud protection

Kount AI raises payments fraud protection potential

Payments fraud is growing at 14% year over year, faster than overall retail sales, and growth in mobile fraud is also accelerating. According to Juniper Research, retailers could ...
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Mastercard B2C

Mastercard enhances small business digital payments & security

With the launch of its MasterCard Digital Wellness program, the payments giant is making some smart moves to enhance digital payments and security for the small business sector. ...
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IRS tax fraud cost $1.6 billion in 2017

Are tax pros ready for a new breed of tax fraudsters?

With the April 15 US tax deadline passed, were tax professionals really ready for a new breed of tax fraudsters? We’re not talking about the President and his ...
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chargebacks cost business $31 billion annually

Verifi chargeback self-service promises savings

To help small and midsize business respond more effectively and reduce losses due to chargebacks, Verifi launched a new cloud-based service called Self-Service Chargeback Representment (SSCR). Chargebacks cost ...
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identity theft continues to grow

Sophisticated fraud grows, losses double in two years

The 2019 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research, contains good news mixed in with the bad according to the report. The good news is payment ...
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UK invoice fraud

50% of UK businesses at risk of invoice fraud

New research from Santander Business shows that half of UK businesses are at risk of invoice fraud because they do not check invoices diligently. The survey says only ...
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cybersecurity and online fraud myths

Myths vs facts: Exposing 3 misconceptions in payments fraud and security

In our bustling e-commerce landscape – today’s most competitive market – it’s hard to believe that many online merchants, particularly those based in the U.S., avoid access to ...
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