cash and debit preferred for small payments

For small payments, will that be cash or debit?

In China and Europe, contactless cards and mobile payments are commonplace, even with small payments. But in the US, cash and debit for small purchases are still king, ...
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Payments NEXT global news

Aug 9 Global payments news roundup

Hola! Our payments news roundup covers the latest from around the world starting with a look at MSTS’s “Credit as a Service™.” Then there’s the growing problem of ...
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MSTS credit as a service

What’s new in B2B payments? Credit as a Service

If you’re a typical SMB, one of your biggest challenges is managing B2B accounts receivables (AR) and slow-paying clients, particularly when you offer net 30- to net 60-day ...
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PULSE contactless payments research

Debit payments growing and going digital

US consumers are paying with debit more often, and in more ways, including online shopping, online bill payments, and person-to-person (P2P) payments and momentum is building according to ...
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TSB opens bank accounts with selfies

Smile, and open UK bank account with a selfie

TSB is the latest bank to enable bank account openings with a selfie, hoping to gain new bank customers, especially from the ranks of Generation Z, as well ...
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Latin America e-commerce growth

EBANX sees growth and opportunity in Latin America

Put aside any preconceived ideas or misconceptions about e-commerce in Latin America. E-commerce in the region is growing at 25% to 30% and past barriers to doing business ...
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India payments trends

India’s digital payments growth a Walmart bonus

According to Credit Suisse analysts, India’s payments market could grow from $200 billion today to reach $1 trillion by 2023. Walmart is smiling because it’s $16 billion purchase ...
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Indian loan consumers underserved

Plans for payments growth in India 30-cents at a time

Could you double your financial services company revenue by offering loans for as little as $30 and insurance policies at 30-cents per month? After 10 years in operation, ...
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global payments news

June 28 Global payments news roundup

This week’s global payments news roundup starts with Amazon’s launch of a new delivery option called Counter and partnering initially with 100 Rite Aid locations. Kount AI is ...
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global payments news

June 21 Global payments news roundup

Welcome to this week’s global payments news roundup which leads off with an interview with Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan who talks about moving towards a cashless ...
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