Kount AI fraud protection

Kount AI raises payments fraud protection potential

Payments fraud is growing at 14% year over year, faster than overall retail sales, and growth in mobile fraud is also accelerating. According to Juniper Research, retailers could ...
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chargebacks cost business $31 billion annually

Verifi chargeback self-service promises savings

To help small and midsize business respond more effectively and reduce losses due to chargebacks, Verifi launched a new cloud-based service called Self-Service Chargeback Representment (SSCR). Chargebacks cost ...
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retail payments trends

NRF/Forrester research shows retail payments changes coming

New research from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Forrester show retailers, e-commerce sellers and payments industry leaders expect many changes in retail payments in the near future. ...
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e-commerce false positives challenge

Fighting the negative sales impact of CNP false positives

A new report from Kount and The Fraud Practice examines card-not-present (CNP) false positives which are poorly understood and frequently mismanaged aspects of risk management. Most merchants focus ...
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global payments news

Global payments news roundup: Square, ING, PayU, Abra, Javelin, Apple

It’s been a busy week in global payments news and we’ve got a roundup of the latest payments trends, payments research, and innovations for your weekend reading pleasure. ...
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Chargebacks cost $31 billion; Target launches free delivery

Today’s newsletter looks in-depth at a new Javelin Research & Strategy/Verifi research report that says chargebacks cost the industry $31 billion annually. We also look at Target’s new ...
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Chargebacks cost $31 billion

Cost of chargebacks in 2017? $31 billion

According to a new report, The Chargeback Triangle from Javelin Strategy & Research and Verifi, merchants lost $19 billion to chargebacks in 2017. Issuers lost another $12 billion ...
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New VISA chargebacks rules coming April 15

The new Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) program will launch April 15. Is your business ready for these changes? ...
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Oct 16 Payments news roundup

Today, we're looking at the many faces of fraud from gift card and e-commerce fraud to chargebacks and holiday fraud trends. ...
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Chargebacks, card-not-present fraud and online security news roundup

Our payments news highlights today include chargebacks, card not present fraud and the latest in online security news. ...
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