The PaymentsNEXT team is a unique, experienced group of business consultants and entrepreneurs with expertise in business startups, management consulting, global financial payment systems, international business development, marketing, social media and publishing. Our principals have worked with, managed and consulted to businesses in every sector from technology, retail and payment processing to multilevel marketing, e-commerce and sales organizations.

We bring this expertise together to build a knowledge base for the payments industry worldwide. With this global perspective on the industry, we’re available to provide a range of high-level consulting services including:

  • payments industry research and analysis
  • special reports and publishing
  • strategic advice at every stage from startup to established operations
  • marketing strategies
  • business and new technology introductions to the industry
  • global payment processing consultation for MLM, e-commerce and marketplace companies.

To start a conversation about the payments industry, special reports publishing, strategic partnerships, sponsorships and new opportunities, call our Publisher, Douglas G Hall at (604) 901-7646 Monday to Friday, Pacific time.