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Aug 16 Global payments news roundup

As the end of the dog days of summer approaches, we’ve got our weekly global payments news roundup for you. First, we look at the 25th anniversary of ...
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Payments NEXT global news

Aug 9 Global payments news roundup

Hola! Our payments news roundup covers the latest from around the world starting with a look at MSTS’s “Credit as a Service™.” Then there’s the growing problem of ...
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global payments news

Aug 2 Global payments news roundup

Lots of global payment news to cover, so let’s get right at it. We profiled 11 logistics leaders in last-mile delivery including Nuro, Boxbot, Amazon Scout, Starship, and ...
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TrueAccord uses AI for debt collection

AI disrupting the US debt collection industry

With roughly 30 million Americans with at least one debt in collections according to the Federal Reserve, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is looking at new rules ...
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digital global payments growing

July 12 Global payments news roundup

Our weekly global payments news roundup has an international flavor this week, starting with a look at Walmart’s unexpected bonus of payments provider PhonePe in its acquisition of ...
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India payments trends

India’s digital payments growth a Walmart bonus

According to Credit Suisse analysts, India’s payments market could grow from $200 billion today to reach $1 trillion by 2023. Walmart is smiling because it’s $16 billion purchase ...
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Indian loan consumers underserved

Plans for payments growth in India 30-cents at a time

Could you double your financial services company revenue by offering loans for as little as $30 and insurance policies at 30-cents per month? After 10 years in operation, ...
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July 5 global payments news

July 5 Global payments news roundup

Happy July 5 to our US readers and welcome to this week’s global payments news roundup. We start with a look at the growing Chinese traveler payments market ...
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June 14 global payments news roundup

June 14 Global payments news roundup

No fake tariff deals or fake news here, just the best global payments news from this week for your information. Visa B2B Connect launched a faster cross-border payments ...
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global POS loans market equals $6 trillion

Point-of-sale finance competition growing fast

The checkout line is getting crowded with point-of-sale (POS) finance competitors each looking for a slice of the consumer lending market with the help of innovative technology and ...
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