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Oct 11 Global payments news roundup

Welcome to this week’s global payments news roundup. We unwrap holiday sales predictions for the UK – up 3.5%-4%, according to Coresight and the US up 3.8%-4.2% expected ...
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Cleo - bank app built for millennials

Finally, a BFF bank app for Gen-Zennials

Yo! You knew it was just a matter of time before your kids got a bank app that only speaks their language and doesn’t want to talk to ...
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Mitto is banking for Gen Z

Mitto: A virtual card built for Gen Z, financed by mom and dad

Mitto is banking that 14-year-old and older Generation Z consumers will want their very own digital wallet and virtual debit card. All financed by mom and dad, of ...
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Stripe Corporate Card

Credit card of a new business Stripe

Hard on the heels of launching a new small business loans product – Stripe Capital last week, Stripe is out today with a new corporate credit card aimed ...
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global payments news

Sept 6 Global payments news roundup

Welcome to our first global payments news roundup for September. Lots of important news as we move into the busy fall business cycle. Accenture research shows UK challenger ...
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booyah Bank

Report: UK challenger banks will triple size in 12 months

Accenture predicts UK digital-only challenger banks will triple in size from 12 million users to more than 35 million users in the next 12 months. A new Accenture ...
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EU group builds new mobile payments network

EU mobile group building new cross-border payments network

Recognizing the threat from fintech startups as well as mobile powerhouses like Alipay, a group of seven European payments leaders has started building a new network focused on ...
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US mobile banking apps

Social experiment shows banks’ mobile sign-ups fail

The poor traditional banks. Under siege from digital bank startups and well-financed fintechs. Profitable now, but potentially less so in the future. Unless they can figure out a ...
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global payments news

Aug 16 Global payments news roundup

As the end of the dog days of summer approaches, we’ve got our weekly global payments news roundup for you. First, we look at the 25th anniversary of ...
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Payments NEXT global news

Aug 9 Global payments news roundup

Hola! Our payments news roundup covers the latest from around the world starting with a look at MSTS’s “Credit as a Service™.” Then there’s the growing problem of ...
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