Payments Technology

UTRUST cryptocurrency payments

Cryptocurrency payments for merchants are alive and well

With the same resilience as bitcoin, cryptocurrency payments for merchants are still alive and well despite what some may perceive as declining interest by merchants and consumers. According ...
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PSD2 obstacles remain

Overcoming obstacles on the path towards PSD2

By: Ralf Ohlhausen, Executive Advisor at PPRO The closer to the September 14 implementation deadline for the Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) on SCA & CSC detailing much of ...
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drunk shopping research

US drunk shoppers spent $39.4 billion in 2018

It’s Labor Day, so we thought we’d keep things a little lighter than usual here on Payments NEXT. This just in. Americans have got the message about the ...
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there are millions of apps to choose from

Consumers curious about mobile apps but little mobile buying

Consumers are curious about mobile apps, but research shows they’re not doing much buying via company apps in the US to date. A PYMNTS/LISNR report surveyed 1,045 American ...
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RoadSynch digital payments platform for logistics

Speed of payments drives logistics industry

If there’s one thing that defines the $1.8 trillion US logistics and transportation industry, it’s speed. How fast can we get the product to the customer? What’s the ...
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Square Terminal launches in Canada

Canada gets Square with new payments terminals

It’s sleek, undeniably cool-looking, and onscreen the new Square Terminal is faster, friendlier and aimed at breaking the chokehold held by traditional in-store and online payments providers who ...
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password problems everywhere

Research: Password hygiene is a dirty problem

It’s a growing cybersecurity problem that consumers and business simply can’t seem to clean up. It’s password hygiene and it’s a big challenge according to new research from ...
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global payments news

Aug 2 Global payments news roundup

Lots of global payment news to cover, so let’s get right at it. We profiled 11 logistics leaders in last-mile delivery including Nuro, Boxbot, Amazon Scout, Starship, and ...
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AI moves into debt collections

AI approaches for a new debt-collection era

For decades, debt collection has relied on the same methods: repeated phone calls and letters to consumers. Not only does this take a lot of time and energy, ...
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TrueAccord uses AI for debt collection

AI disrupting the US debt collection industry

With roughly 30 million Americans with at least one debt in collections according to the Federal Reserve, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is looking at new rules ...
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