subscription data risk management

Is your merchant data at risk from your payments provider?

It’s one of the payment industry’s ugly secrets and for companies with a business built on subscriptions, it’s a revenue and business continuity risk that needs very close ...
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$35 million missing in US payroll fraud

Cloud payroll company up in smoke, $35 million missing

The $81 billion payroll processing business in the US is normally bedrock solid, made up of longtime players and innovative new payroll-as-a-service (PaaS), cloud-based fintech startups. Like the ...
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drunk shopping research

US drunk shoppers spent $39.4 billion in 2018

It’s Labor Day, so we thought we’d keep things a little lighter than usual here on Payments NEXT. This just in. Americans have got the message about the ...
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ransomware research

US ransomware attacks rising fast; how to protect your organization

New reports show a fast rise in ransomware attacks across the US. Last Friday, 23 Texas towns were hit in a coordinated attack by what is believed to ...
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password problems everywhere

Research: Password hygiene is a dirty problem

It’s a growing cybersecurity problem that consumers and business simply can’t seem to clean up. It’s password hygiene and it’s a big challenge according to new research from ...
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Kount AI fraud protection

Kount AI raises payments fraud protection potential

Payments fraud is growing at 14% year over year, faster than overall retail sales, and growth in mobile fraud is also accelerating. According to Juniper Research, retailers could ...
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P2P security

7 million Venmo user transactions scraped

Minnesota State University infosecurity grad student Dan Salmon has a cybersecurity warning for seven million users of the popular P2P app Venmo. He recently downloaded your data to ...
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Verizon 2019 Data Breach Report

Insights from Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Report

$40 million stolen from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange yesterday by cybercriminals. Hackers infiltrating hundreds of Amazon merchant accounts late last year. The ongoing impact from the massive 2017 ...
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imposter email

Proofpoint research: Imposter email attacks on FinServ grew 60%

New research from cybersecurity firm Proofpoint shows that imposter email and email phishing attacks on global financial services companies grew 60% over last year. The FBI estimates that ...
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Apple Store

Facial recognition error claimed in $1 billion Apple lawsuit

In a warning sign for the new technology and retailers, a student launched a $1 billion lawsuit claiming that mistaken facial recognition in an Apple Store led to ...
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