Is voice shopping poised for takeoff?

State of voice shopping 2019

By Matt Lang, Strategy Director and Will Hall, Chief Creative Officer of Rain When we visited the topic of voice-enabled shopping last year, we concluded that brands and ...
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global payments news

Aug 16 Global payments news roundup

As the end of the dog days of summer approaches, we’ve got our weekly global payments news roundup for you. First, we look at the 25th anniversary of ...
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first online shopping transaction was 1994

Visa’s 25-year anniversary of first e-commerce payment

Hard to believe I know but 25 years ago, on August 11, 1994, Visa processed the first-ever online payment. And what was that first purchase? Some claim the ...
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US online grocery market research

US online grocery market grows, customer loyalty strong

The US online grocery market has plenty of room to grow, but new research shows some interesting market dynamics. According to a research report from Second Measure, Walmart ...
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MSTS credit as a service

What’s new in B2B payments? Credit as a Service

If you’re a typical SMB, one of your biggest challenges is managing B2B accounts receivables (AR) and slow-paying clients, particularly when you offer net 30- to net 60-day ...
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Future of US retail 2019

The future of retail? Connected and convenient

Walker Sands’ 2019 Future of Retail report suggests that all consumer purchase decisions boil down to two key factors: convenience and connection. When shopping, consumers are now conditioned ...
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Gartner: How marketplaces create growth for business

Why would a business allow competitors and other companies to sell products on their own website? In a word, opportunity, according to Gartner analysts. Online marketplaces aren’t just ...
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global payments news

Aug 2 Global payments news roundup

Lots of global payment news to cover, so let’s get right at it. We profiled 11 logistics leaders in last-mile delivery including Nuro, Boxbot, Amazon Scout, Starship, and ...
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Boxnot delivers autonomously

Snapshot: Leaders in last-mile delivery

Last-mile delivery is one of the biggest logistics challenges in business and e-commerce, no matter if you’re Amazon or an agile startup. In fact, whether it’s groceries, the ...
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Russian e-commerce

E-commerce: From Russia with love

The Russian e-commerce market should total $22 billion by the end of 2019 and is poised for growth that could reach $50 billion by 2023, according to a ...
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