first online shopping transaction was 1994

Visa’s 25-year anniversary of first e-commerce payment

Hard to believe I know but 25 years ago, on August 11, 1994, Visa processed the first-ever online payment. And what was that first purchase? Some claim the ...
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US online grocery market research

US online grocery market grows, customer loyalty strong

The US online grocery market has plenty of room to grow, but new research shows some interesting market dynamics. According to a research report from Second Measure, Walmart ...
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Square Terminal launches in Canada

Canada gets Square with new payments terminals

It’s sleek, undeniably cool-looking, and onscreen the new Square Terminal is faster, friendlier and aimed at breaking the chokehold held by traditional in-store and online payments providers who ...
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Future of US retail 2019

The future of retail? Connected and convenient

Walker Sands’ 2019 Future of Retail report suggests that all consumer purchase decisions boil down to two key factors: convenience and connection. When shopping, consumers are now conditioned ...
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Boxnot delivers autonomously

Snapshot: Leaders in last-mile delivery

Last-mile delivery is one of the biggest logistics challenges in business and e-commerce, no matter if you’re Amazon or an agile startup. In fact, whether it’s groceries, the ...
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ActiveViam pricing concerns report

71% of retailers fear outpricing by Amazon

New research by ActiveViam shows nearly three-quarters of retailers are concerned about their ability to compete with Amazon pricing. 71% said that they are concerned about being outpriced ...
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global payments news

July 19 Global payments news roundup

Another week, another $6.2 billion+ in record Amazon Prime Day sales. That’s our lead story and we’re sticking to it, even though some are saying it might have ...
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Prime Day sales hit $6.2 billion

Amazon Prime Day sales hit record highs

Amazon Prime Day is over and all that’s left is for Amazon head office to celebrate record sales and the rest of us Prime members to wait for ...
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US back-to-school spending will be $80.7 billion in 2019

Back to school spending: Average spend up, total down

There’s good news and there’s not-so-good news with US back-to-school spending predictions this year. The National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights and Analytics research show the good ...
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digital global payments growing

July 12 Global payments news roundup

Our weekly global payments news roundup has an international flavor this week, starting with a look at Walmart’s unexpected bonus of payments provider PhonePe in its acquisition of ...
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