Bitcoin & Blockchain

36.5 million Americans own cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency now on the radar of 14% of US investors

With the value of bitcoin rising this year, cryptocurrency is back on the radar of US investors and consumers, even if the whipsaw in market values is likely ...
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Chinese govt cryptocurrency strategy

China makes “cryptocurrency” moves for the future

China’s moves to advance artificial intelligence leadership are well-documented and reflected by the fact that 19 of the top 50 largest patent registrations in the AI space are ...
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Facebook launches Libra cryptocurrency

What’s Facebook Libra cryptocurrency mean for payments?

Facebook unveiled its plan for a new global digital currency called Libra and a financial system to change how money moves globally. It has the potential to transform ...
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payments apps pyramid

Square’s crypto-powered Cash App bests PayPal’s Venmo for first time

When it comes to payments apps, there’s a new sheriff in town. Square’s Cash App now has a total of 33.5 million downloads compared with PayPal Venmo’s 32.9 ...
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blue sky

Payments news roundup: Facebook Crypto, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, IATA, more

Our Friday newsletter has an in-depth profile of Facebook’s new cryptocurrency and blockchain technology plans as well as our usual extensive Friday payments news roundup. Facebook Gets Serious ...
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payments trends

Credit card signatures gone; P2P cryptocurrency payments here

We’ve got a couple of quick stories for you today, starting with the demise of signatures on credit cards by the major credit card networks. That’s way overdue. ...
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e-commerce news roundup

Global e-commerce and retail news; Bancor cryptowallet

Our newsletter today has an extensive roundup of global e-commerce and retail news about Amazon, Newegg, Toys “R” Us, Saks Fifth Avenue and Under Armour. We also take ...
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e-commerce news roundup

Global e-commerce and payments news roundup

We’ve got a roundup of the latest global e-commerce and retail news including cryptocurrency payments, new investment in Paytm, and the latest from Amazon, Newegg, Toys “R” Us, ...
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Bancor Wallet

Bancor Wallet auto-converts cryptocurrencies

With 1,600 cryptocurrencies now listed on, it’s nearly impossible for an investor to quickly buy, convert and sell more than a small handful of standard cryptocurrencies. Bancor’s ...
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Password trainwreck for cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges’ security puts users at risk

Originally posted at Blockcoin Today A new research study shows that 71% of cryptocurrency exchanges are heading for a train wreck when it comes to password security. The ...
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