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State of voice shopping 2019

Is voice shopping poised for takeoff?
Disruptive Technologies E-commerce
By Matt Lang, Strategy Director and Will Hall, Chief Creative Officer of Rain When we visited the topic of voice-enabled shopping last year, we concluded that brands and ...
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US ransomware attacks rising fast; how to protect your organization

ransomware research
Credit Card & Online Fraud Cybersecurity
New reports show a fast rise in ransomware attacks across the US. Last Friday, 23 Texas towns were hit in a coordinated attack by what is believed to ...
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For small payments, will that be cash or debit?

cash and debit preferred for small payments
Banking Payments Research Payments Trends
In China and Europe, contactless cards and mobile payments are commonplace, even with small payments. But in the US, cash and debit for small purchases are still king, ...
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Aug 16 Global payments news roundup

global payments news
E-commerce Fintech Payments Trends
As the end of the dog days of summer approaches, we’ve got our weekly global payments news roundup for you. First, we look at the 25th anniversary of ...
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Visa’s 25-year anniversary of first e-commerce payment

first online shopping transaction was 1994
Disruptive Technologies E-commerce Retail
Hard to believe I know but 25 years ago, on August 11, 1994, Visa processed the first-ever online payment. And what was that first purchase? Some claim the ...
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Speed of payments drives logistics industry

RoadSynch digital payments platform for logistics
Mobile Payments Payments Technology
If there’s one thing that defines the $1.8 trillion US logistics and transportation industry, it’s speed. How fast can we get the product to the customer? What’s the ...
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US online grocery market grows, customer loyalty strong

US online grocery market research
E-commerce Retail
The US online grocery market has plenty of room to grow, but new research shows some interesting market dynamics. According to a research report from Second Measure, Walmart ...
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Canada gets Square with new payments terminals

Square Terminal launches in Canada
Payments Technology Retail
It’s sleek, undeniably cool-looking, and onscreen the new Square Terminal is faster, friendlier and aimed at breaking the chokehold held by traditional in-store and online payments providers who ...
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Aug 9 Global payments news roundup

Payments NEXT global news
Banking Fintech Payments Trends
Hola! Our payments news roundup covers the latest from around the world starting with a look at MSTS’s “Credit as a Service™.” Then there’s the growing problem of ...
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Research: Password hygiene is a dirty problem

password problems everywhere
Cybersecurity Payments Technology
It’s a growing cybersecurity problem that consumers and business simply can’t seem to clean up. It’s password hygiene and it’s a big challenge according to new research from ...
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