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This edition of PaymentsNEXT News features a roundup of cryptocurrency and bitcoin news. There’s lots to report as bitcoin reached close to $8,000 in active trading driven mostly by plans to suspend the bitcoin fork scheduled for next week. We also had high-level US exchange leaders talking positively about bitcoin ETFs, bitcoin bulls pointing to new highs, celebrity ICO warnings from the SEC and much more.

Our second feature is an in-depth look at Deloitte’s new report “Evolution of blockchain technology: Insights from the GitHub platform.” It’s the first time the blockchain development ecosystem has been analyzed in this unique look at the GitHub community where most of the blockchain development takes place. It provides a valuable look at the drivers behind early-stage blockchain development and where it may be going in the future. Recommended reading.

Cryptocurrency & bitcoin news: Market highs, celebrity ICOs, Parity hack, bitcoin ETFs was a fast-moving day in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency world and we’ve got bitcoin news highlights to keep you up to speed. Bitcoin turned bullish, nearing $8,000 in value before retreating as developers suspended a planned bitcoin fork. CME Group Chair Leo Melamed said bitcoin is on its way to becoming an asset class and that exchanges would “tame” bitcoin. Via

Deloitte report says 26,000 new blockchain projects in first six months 2017 new report from Deloitte says blockchain technology development and projects are accelerating as developers and companies explore the benefits and opportunities with the new technology. We’ve got a quick set of highlights from the report. In preparing this report, the company analyzed data from the popular GitHub site starting in 2009 up to and including the first six months of this year. Via