In what some may call a deal with the devil, Sears continues to offer more of its iconic brand products for sale on Amazon’s e-commerce platform. The latest include DieHard batteries, tires and other car products to be available by Spring 2018.

During the past summer, Sears started selling its Kenmore appliances on Amazon which it called a “success.” Some analysts expressed concern that Sears is cannibalizing its most important in-store brand sales.

Sears is also exploring selling its Craftsman tools brand as part of its survival strategy.

Amazon aims at $50 billion auto market

Reuters says the deal is part of Amazon’s effort to grab market share in the $50 billion automotive parts and products market.

In the ultracompetitive retail market, time will tell if Sears DieHard deal with Amazon can help grow sales or create a devil of a bigger problem.