Google Assistant will now let you send payments via voice on your mobile phone and soon you’ll be to send money using your Google Home devices as well.

This opens a whole new world of growth potential for Google Pay to compete with other popular money apps like Venmo.

How to send money with Google Assistant

Google Assistant paymentsLet’s say you want to pay your babysitter Zoey who, of course, is smartphone savvy. You simply set up your Google Pay account in advance on your smartphone using Google Assistant to guide you through the easy setup.

Using your smartphone, simply open up Google Assistant and tell it:  “Send $25 to Zoey for babysitting.” Google Assistant uses artificial intelligence to analyze what you said and shows you the transaction. If it’s  correct, just say “send” and confirm payment with your password or fingerprint ID.

Zoey gets a text message to let her know the money is waiting even if she doesn’t have a Google Pay account. She sets up or opens her Google Pay account and verifies receipt.

Requesting money too

Use Google Assistant and Google PayRequesting money is just as easy. Let’s say John owes you money for beer from last night. Just say “request beer money from John” and Google Assistant will ask you if your payment request is correct.  Verify it with voice, password or fingerprint and John will get a text message asking to send money.

The new feature is now available with the Google Assistant app on iOS or Android in the US. In the next several months, you’ll be about to send and request money using smart speakers like Google Home.

Google Home speakerThis is a big step for Google Pay in extending payment services to become an easy, fast  process on any smart device.

The new feature could become popular, very quickly when it’s available on Google Home devices.