We’ve got a PaymentsNEXT report on Target’s holiday shopping strategies and a new report from YouAppi that says this year’s shopping season is going to be very mobile.

Target launched an ambitious and far-reaching holiday shopping strategy with a focus on a new mobile payments app, a very strong promotional push for eight of its private label brands and a secret weapon called Gift Now.

Gift Now lets gift recipients choose colors, sizes and specs for gifts they receive before they are actually shipped. There’s an added option to exchange the gift as well before it ships. Very innovative and results to watch for.

YouAppi’s latest research report highlights just how big mobile will durng this holiday shopping season. It says 85% of shoppers expect to shop using mobile and mobile payments are a big part of the picture.

The report also highlights some important disconnects between marketers and consumers when it comes to perceptions of mobile payments and preferences for promotions and mobile incentives. Valuable reading for holiday shopping strategists.

Target’s holiday shopping strategy is right on target

Target unveiled its holiday shopping strategy and between mobile payments, price matching and in-store pickup, it’s going to compete very hard with Amazon and Walmart.  Target announced a new mobile payments app, launching in November, which will add to REDcard loyalty members’ 5% discount online, free shipping and require no membership fee. Take that Amazon. Read more…

Holiday shoppers will be mad for mobile shopping

A new report from YouAppi says 85% of holiday shoppers expect to shop with a mobile app this year. For retailers and e-commerce businesses that have payments apps in place, this could be great news. For those who have been slow to implement mobile payments strategies, it could prove challenging. The report says 95% of marketers expect this to be good new for sales with 54% highlighting opportunities to engage with customers, 50% the chance to generate revenue and 49% with more possibilities to provide shoppers with rewards and incentives. Read more…