With bitcoin passing $11,770 in Sunday trading, you had to smile with a deep sense of irony that the Bitcoin Bubble Burst app launched the same day at the TechCrunch’s Disrupt Berlin hackathon in Germany.

There are other apps that alert you to market moves after-the-fact, but so far creators say none will give you advance predictions like Bitcoin Bubble Burst.

Artificial intelligence predicts bitcoin moves

The app uses artificial intelligence, deep learning, sentiment analytics on trading data, marketplaces and exchanges, and news and social media to predict rapid changes in cryptocurrency values before they take place.

The creators say there will be no ads, no spam and no alerts unless the news is very important.

New features planned

In the future, developers hope to add SMS alerts and customized thresholds for messages. Developers also say accuracy will increase over time as the program improves its monitoring and learning capability.

You can sign up free for Bitcoin Bubble Burst here.