Amazon is nearly done testing a convenience store innovation it calls Amazon Go and it’s just about ready for prime time shopping.

The concept is simple. Enter an Amazon Go convenience store and scan the Amazon Go app on your mobile phone. Pick up the products you need, bag them and walk out the front door.

The mobile app automatically scans your purchases and charges your Amazon account. No standing in line, no snippy cashiers and no snide comments from other customers about your purchases.

How cool is that?

Ready for Prime Time

Amazon originally hoped to open the store early in 2017 but ran into cchallenges with its technology.

Bloomberg reports Amazon employees at the downtown Seattle test store have now worked out most of the wrinkles, run through extensive tests and the technology is working well with a few exceptions.

According to an anonymous employee source, the technology still struggles with groups of people or couples shopping, as well as trying to identify when a child eats a product of the store. Classic retail problems that may be solved soon with new technology.

Analysts predict it’s only a matter of time before the company takes its technology to the recently acquired Whole Foods stores.

It’s just another way for Amazon to get you to part with your money and spend it with them. Most consumers will agree that no lineups and cashier-less checkouts are very appealing.

There’s more about Amazon Go on Bloomberg.

Photo courtesy of Bloomberg